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There are many reasons...

Here at Hotspot Hosting our main aim is to create a fair, efficient and solid Helium network for the UK.

With our pre-qualified database of device owners and prime location hosts you can be assured you are working together safely.

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Fair Contracts, Fair Profit Splits & Easy Cancellation.

Keeping it super simple

Here at Hotspot Hosting we know that everything is much easier when its simpler. This is why we have simple terms, simple contracts and simple cancellation policies.

Fill in the blanks contract

It's as easy as filling in the blanks, no technical questions - what a relief!

Want to leave Hotspot Hosting

Sure! Our simple cancellation policy with ZERO penalties allows you to cancel a contract easily.

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    Up front and honest profit splits

    We understand transparency is key everyone of our clients receives the same amount. On average our deployed hotspots achieve 15 HNT per month!
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    *This is our basic plan, other splits are available on our hotspot management page.


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